What is Zero Gravity Position?

Zero gravity position refers to the way that astronauts are positioned in the space shuttle for take off and landing. The seated position called zero gravity position is the most neutral position for the body to be in, so the effects of gravity are as evenly distributed across the body as possible. While this may seem like a complicated and intense set of standards, the zero gravity position is used to design other things besides astronaut seats. Many high quality, high tech massage chairs use the zero gravity position in an attempt to relax the body, taking pressure off the muscles to hold the body in any particular position. And of course, you can buy adjustable beds that put your body in the zero gravity position.

An adjustable bed is the ultimate in luxury and healthy reclining while in bed. Adjustable beds come in two types, either head-up only adjustable or you can adjust the head and the foot. It is these head and foot adjustable beds that can put your body into the zero gravity position. A lot of people like to watch a little TV or read before bed. To get into bed and relax a little bit feels very good and makes falling asleep easier. However, it can be very hard to get into a comfortable position. Most people don’t think about how much time they spend sitting uncomfortably while watching TV before bed.

The zero gravity position may have been designed for astronauts, but that doesn’t mean it’s only good in zero gravity. In fact, it is best for your body when gravity is having an effect on your body. If you can spend a little bit of time each night in the zero gravity position, you will be distributing your weight evenly, allowing your muscles to all relax. When your body is in a truly comfortable position in the zero gravity position on an adjustable bed, you give your body the break it needs to truly and fully relax.

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