Why Everyone Should Have an Adjustable Bed; The Perks of Adjustable Beds

The stigma associated with adjustable beds is often that they are only needed for people with medical needs or for people who want to sit in their bed and watch TV. However, this is a common misconception as there are many benefits to owning a bed that go beyond medical applications or simply for “lounging around’. On top of the previous advantages, adjustable beds can actually benefit you in preparation for sleep, allowing for the ability to fall asleep faster and therefore attain a deeper more restorative sleep faster.
One of the benefits of an adjustable bed lies in the bed’s ability to reposition the body to allow for the body to prepare for sleep. This is commonly done by raising the legs and allowing the heart to pump blood through your body easier, therefore quickly lowering heart rate and slowing respiration. Both of these processes are done naturally when an individual lies down for sleep but they do not occur as quickly and can actually take some time on a normal bed, potentially keeping the individual up longer than needed.
The other significant benefit of owning an adjustable bed lies in its ability to decompress the spinal column, eliminating a major cause of day to day back pain. Throughout our day gravity takes a toll on our back, compressing the spine. This is exactly why women who are 70 are often a few inches shorter then when they were 20 or 30. Even the best conventional mattress does not do a great job of decompressing the spine at night compared to an adjustable bed. By relaxing the body in the raised position of the bed and slowly lowering it to the flat position, one will feel a slight stretching sensation in the middle of the back, this is when the spine becomes decompressed, all the more preparing you for a deep uninterrupted sleep.
With many classes of adjustable beds ranging from simple head or foot elevation models to multi-point elevation and even adjustable lumbar support models, you can be sure that there is a setup tailored to you. To find the adjustable bed specially fit for you, go to www.adjustabeds.com where they offer a wide selection of adjustable beds from Ergo-Motion, Leggett & Platt, and Reverie. A sleep expert is available to guide on the phone at 1-877-535-1159, be sure to ask for daily specials! Call now and make the change to an incredibly comfortable and functional adjustable bed today! 

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The S-Cape: A Look at America’s Best Selling Adjustable Bed

The S-Cape- A Look at America's Best Selling Adjustable BedAdjustable beds are known for their extreme level of comfort, accompanied with health and lifestyle benefits for owners and users to enjoy. It would be ideal for those who could take advantage of the positive effects of owning an adjustable bed to purchase one, but one of the major drawbacks of potential buyers to investing in these amazing products is often their lack of affordability. Most of the time, consumers could argue that the features offered by basic models are unjustified by their price. Enter Leggett and Platt S-Cape, America’s best-selling adjustable bed, which is the answer to a buyer’s conundrum about purchasing their very own adjustable bed.

The S-Cape adjustable bed offers an array of features that make sleeping better and aims at improving the sleep process and general lifestyle of owners. Considered the best bed in America in the market today in features versus overall value, the Leggett and Platt S-Cape is a great investment for people with limited mobility, at-home out-patients, and the general discerning consumer looking to improve and maximize their sleep.

Sleep Better by buying Leggett and Platt S-Cape

Imagine a night without tossing and turning and without the back pain often attributed to traditional, flat back bed frames. Imagine a night with extended, uninterrupted slumber. It can only be possible by sleeping in a specialized adjustable bed. Medically proven to hasten healing and provide less tension to joints, adjustable beds are frequently used at hospitals rooms for patient use. Because of the lifestyle benefits accompanying the positive health effects of sleeping in an adjustable bed, patients are not the only ones who can enjoy sleeping in an adjustable bed frame.

The Leggett and Platt S-Cape bed features many options that could lead to a more relaxed night’s sleep. Owners who slept in the Zero Gravity setting mention an almost weightless sleep experience. They said the bed position is the least resistant to their bodies. It was like sleeping on a cloud. With their circulation and snoring troubles gone, owners feel relief and longer periods of sleep recovery than sleeping in a regular bed frame.
This option on the S-Cape adjustable bed is compatible with its wall-hugging feature, which enables users to draw closer to the wall as the bed reclines, making nightstand access easier than ever before. Remote controls and books can still be kept within arm’s length with this feature. Buyers don’t need to sacrifice various activities they used to do on a non-adjustable bed frame because the Leggett and Platt S-Cape bed pulls closer to the wall, instead of away from it.

People with limited mobility will enjoy the adjustable height feature that come standard with the S-Cape adjustable bed. Owners can easily get in and out of bed in the mornings without adding strain to aching muscles and joints. Plus, they could also take advantage to the wake up feature of the S-Cape adjustable bed. The bed wakes up the sleeper with a soft soothing massage while elevating them to a comfortable position. Buyers report easier waking habits as a result of these bed settings. The massage can be set in fifteen different comfort levels to help blood circulation through limbs. Many report feeling invigorated through the soft massage wave movement provided by the Leggett and Platt S-Cape.

Free Leggett and Platt S-Cape Trial

At Adjustabeds, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to try a premium adjustable bed and luxury mattress, risk-free. Our 30-Day Free Trial applies to all sleep systems, including the popular S-Cape by Leggett and Platt. Throw-in added incentives like free shipping, industry-leading warranty, and optional 0% financing, and it’s hard to find a better deal anywhere!

For additional information, readers are invited to call our friendly customer service team at 1-877-535-1159.

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Sleep and Recovery: How Adjustables Improve Athletic Performance

Sleep and Recovery- How Adjustable Frames Improve Athletic PerformanceIt is no secret that athletes push their bodies beyond the physical boundaries, separating them from the majority of the population. One of the tried and true secrets to their sometimes superhuman performance is sleep. Sleep, one of the most integral parts of our life, has the power to improve athletic performance by leaps and bounds.

Many athletes affirm that they highly value their sleep. Sometimes, athletes receive negative comments such as being called lazy and unmotivated because they sleep a lot. Actually, there is logic to the madness of an athlete’s habitual napping. Sleeping a lot and often is the secret formula to peak athletic performance.

Sleep improves athletic performance in a variety of ways. Athletes who sleep well can perform their tasks better and focus a lot more than their competitors, who only get by with the minimum. The sleepers can retain newly acquired skills because their short-term memories are quickly translated to long-term memories via the Rapid Eye Movement Phase of sleep. Their muscle memory is also better because sleep has rejuvenated and healed the damage of training, as they slept.
How does this happen?

When we sleep, our bodies release growth hormones that stimulate the muscle and bones to heal themselves naturally. These hormones also regulate the production of cortisol, which causes stress and lack of focus. Athletes with only minimal sleep have slower metabolisms, which mean they are less fit than those who sleep from eight to ten hours a night.

Sleep Study Give Evidence of the Correlation of Sleep and Performance

A study conducted at Stanford University provides conclusive proof of the restorative powers of sleep. According to the research findings, basketball players, the athletes in this study, have improved their on-court performance by almost 10%, only by sleeping at most nine hours a night. Their muscle memory had greatly improved their shooting accuracy. The reduced level of cortisol lowered their stress, making them more calm and confident during high pressure situations such as shooting a three-pointer or standing on the free throw line.

Athletes in other sports also value the importance of sleep in their recovery phase. Tennis stars, soccer players, football players, swimmers, and runners, all attest that sleep is a necessary part of their training regime. College teams even sequester their players to make sure they sleep for optimum performance mode during tournaments and competitions.

How to Increase Quality and Quantity of Sleep

Adjustable beds are a great sports training investment because it promotes longer and better sleep. It’s not enough that athletes sleep long, they need to sleep well also. The best type of bedframe that promotes health and recovery are adjustable beds.

Experts have proven that sleeping in a slight incline has helped patients recover faster due to the less stress on their joints and muscles. In the same way, athletes may reap the same health benefits as hospital patients. Because they push their bodies to their utmost limits. They need a bed that helps them recover from the barrage of daily training by removing pressure and stress of the flat back configuration. Sleeping flat on one’s back puts pressure on the knees and hip joints. By elevating the head and lower limbs, breaking at the hip and knees, places the body in its most comfortable position.

Aside from joint and muscle relief, adjustable beds also promote better circulation and respiration throughout an athletes’ body, taking advantage of the sleep released hormones that promote muscle and bone growth. A better circulation leads to the body delivering the necessary triggers that encourage healing.

With over a million dollars spent on training facilities and better training equipment, athletes should consider investing in an indispensable part of their athletic and daily life: their sleep.

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Introducing the Prodigy, The World’s First SMARTBed

Introducing the Prodigy, The World's First SMARTBedEver imagined controlling your entire bedroom with a simple iOS app? The Leggett and Platt Prodigy adjustable bed transform any old bedroom to a technological hub simply using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Owners enjoy improved respiration and better blood circulation by simply going to bed in one of the most advanced beds in the market today!

The benefits of sleeping in an adjustable bed are not exactly a secret. We all have seen hospitals use these beds to help in patient recovery and care. Studies have proven that sleeping in a slight incline greatly diminishes snoring, while also lowering pressure build-up in the chest cavity. There are also marked improvements in muscle and joint repair because of the increase blood flow into the lower extremities.

Consider this: The health benefits of adjustable beds and the fully automated room technology of the Leggett and Platt Prodigy. The combination combines health, lifestyle, and technology into one bed, the best and first SMARTBed ever conceived.
How Does a “SMARTbed” work?

The Prodigy adjustable bed merges sleep comfort with lifestyle comfort through the use of Apple devices. Nowadays, we rely on our technological devices in managing our lives. We consolidate every aspect of our lives in a single device, lest we suffer from confusion and clutter. By syncing the Prodigy with your favorite Apple product, we de-clutter our life. Instead of multiple remote controls for our adjustable bed, TV, and other parts of our bedroom, users can access everything via their mobile device.

The special iOS app can access the independent head and foot controls, adjusting the bed to the owner’s most preferred position. The device can also set the Gentle Wake Alarm for better mornings. Getting out of bed is as simple as sliding off to the side without the hassle of slight lightheadedness, which often results from rising out of traditional flat-lying bed frames. The Prodigy by Leggett and Platt makes living convenient, easy, and fun. Current owners attest that their favorite part of this adjustable bed is the preset Zero-Gravity setting for a sleeping position that is the least resistant to gravity.

Take advantage of the three available preset options. Set your Prodigy adjustable bed to your favorite positions for reading, watching TV, and sleeping. These presets gently move the Prodigy to the designated position quietly and efficiently.

Leggett and Platt Prodigy Zero-Gravity Position

What does it mean to be in a Zero-Gravity Position? Often times, sleeping in a traditional flat back bedframe and a regular innerspring mattress puts pressure on backs, hips, and knees and other joints. All of this pressure makes sleeping difficult, causing people to toss and turn at night. For people with back problems or have had surgery on their hip or knees, this means getting out of bed multiple times at night, reducing their much needed sleep to a mere few hours. The lack of sleep causes them to be stressed and grumpy on a daily basis, never finding a solution to their sleep problem and exacerbating their conditions to unbearable heights.

It’s a vicious cycle.

The Leggett and Platt Prodigy adjustable bed alleviates these problems through the effective Zero-Gravity Position. The setting reduces overall body tension. The elevation of the torso and the knees improves circulation, bringing much-needed nutrients to aching muscles. This comfortable position eliminates the need for constant rousing at night. It also decreases snoring by reducing the pressure on the diaphragm and lungs and opening air passages for better breathing.

The Prodigy’s Relaxing Massage Feature

Another technological feature of the Prodigy by Leggett and Platt is its wave massage. Once again the controls are compatible with an iOS device. Use the fifteen massage settings to soothe aching shoulders, legs, and backs before going to bed. The wave-like motion of the massage provides luxurious comfort for tired bodies at the end of the day.

Use the massage feature to start your day as well. The Gentle-Wake Alarm rouses owners gently, starting their day right. The early morning massage promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle fatigue.

Visit Adjustabeds for a 30-day Trial of the Prodigy by Leggett and Platt

Try the Prodigy adjustable bed for free! Sound too good to be true? Speak with a representative about how you can take one home today. Call toll free 1-877-535-1159.

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Adjustable Bases for Individuals with Limited Mobility

Adjustable Bases for Individuals with Limited MobilityIndividuals with limited mobility have great difficulty of getting in and out of a traditional flat-back bed frame. It requires a lot of energy to simply rise and exit a regular bed. For people with disabilities, this difficulty can be compounded should the bed be too high or too low. Beds have to be user-friendly, allowing individuals to rise and get on with their daily activities without any fuss or potential injury.

Independence is an important aspect of a healthy and fulfilling life. Being able to go where you want to go, pick up things you need, and perform activities as a sole individual is something most people take for granted. For example, the simple act of raising the head and/or foot section of an adjustable frame makes it easier and safer for individuals to transition to-and-from bed each day. This “ease of access” is just one benefit, however. Adjustable bed frames provide the added benefit of general health improvement, as explored below.

Ease of Access in Beds for People with Disabilities

One of the many advantages of an adjustable bed is the ease of access. People can get in and out relatively easily without pressure on their hip, knees, backs, and other joints. Staying on a slight incline people can move and change positions, in order to avoid the formation of painful bedsores. Additionally, caregivers can help individuals with limited mobility more efficiently and safely when the head and foot sections of the bed are raised.

Adjustable beds also have a variety of incline settings, which can be accessed via a digital remote. These settings can help individuals to find the most comfortable level for reading, watching T.V., or working remotely. Most adjustable bases come with wall hugging technology, which means that the bed draws closer to the wall as it is adjusted. This unique feature ensures that important things like lamps, phones, laptops, and more are always within reach.

Health Improvement

In addition to ease of access, beds for people with disabilities should promote good health. Sleeping in slight incline has been proven to be very beneficial for patients suffering from sleep apnea, asthma, and snoring. It opens up airways, which makes breathing a much easier than on a regular bed. People with limited mobility will appreciate the reduction of other painful sleep conditions as well, like acid reflux and heartburn.

Moreover, food is more easily ingested when eating in a raised adjustable bed. Sitting upright, the esophagus and stomach are aligned in a more vertical fashion, helping gravity to naturally enhance the eating and digestion process. Improved blood flow is also a great benefit of sleeping and recuperating in an adjustable bed. Better circulation means less swelling on lower extremities and overall pain reduction. For people with disabilities, the pressure points from regular mattresses and bed frames can result to very painful experiences that can be damaging to their recovery. The discomfort they feel could lead to a night of restless sleep that forces them to get in and out of bed throughout the night.

Doctors advise that people with limited mobility should sleep in a position that has the least resistance to gravity (reference needed). Beds for people with disabilities must address their health and mobility needs so they may continue to live a fulfilling life of independence and ease. Adjustable beds are a fruitful investment that pays large long-term lifestyle and medical dividends. Most owners who are people with limited mobility affirm that buying an adjustable bed has provided them with comfort and support, and greatly diminishing the pain and pressures on their bodies.

Complete your Adjustable Sleep Solution

Pair an adjustable bed with memory foam, latex, or a firmness-adjustable mattress, and receive compounded health benefits . Firmness-adjustable mattresses enable owners to “dial-in
to a personalized level of firmness via digital remote, providing truly personalized support and conformity that is unrivaled by any innerspring mattress. Memory foam can provide additional therapeutic body support, easing tense muscles and joints. Latex mattresses are ideal for individuals who require a hypoallergenic solution, providing a unique and resilient feel that does not wear out over time.

Contact the sleep experts at Adjustabeds.com to learn more about adjustable bed frames for individuals with limited mobility. As the Web’s leading provider of premium adjustable bases and premium mattresses, Adjustabeds is committed to deliver superior service with great savings. For more information, call Adjustabeds at 1-877-535-1159.

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Sleep and Health: 6 Things You Didn’t Know

Sleep and Health- 6 Things You Didn’t KnowSure, sleep feels great. But do you know the many ways in which sleep improves the physical, mental, and emotional performance of the body? With so many parents, students, and young professionals sacrificing sleep for other activities, it’s clear that we can all use a reminder of just how important sleep can be.

Below is a list of the top 6 benefits of sleep, courtesy of the health experts at Health.com. For more information, readers are invited to visit the URLs in the resources section below.

1. Improved Memory
Your body might be sleeping, but that doesn’t mean your brain is too. With the body relaxed and immobile, the mind is free to assimilate new memories from the previous day. This means the new route you took to work, the new coworker you met at lunch, and the characters of your new favorite TV show are all being processed for easier recall later. The result: Better cognitive functions, especially memory.

2. Better Quality of Life
There are many elements of sleep that are still a mystery to health professionals. For example, it is still unclear what role dreams play in the course of a human being’s life (though many psychologists and scientists have theories to explain the phenomenon). One thing that is certain, however, is that getting just the right amount of sleep each night is a fundamental necessity in improving quality of life. Sleep gives the body—and mind—time to rest, recuperate, and reenergize for the challenges of tomorrow.

3. Lower Chance of Heart Attack
According to Health.com, a 2010 study indicated that heart attack risk is higher in individuals who get 6 or fewer hours of sleep each night (i). This was ascertained by comparing individuals who get less than 6 hours of sleep each night to those who average about 7 or more. The study found that those who averaged less than 6 hours of sleep each night also exhibited higher levels of C-reactive protein, a protein that has a long history of being associated with heart attack risk.

4. More Creative Juices
Sleep doesn’t just improve memory (see number 1 above). In addition to improving cognitive processes, the process of assimilation also helps the body improve emotional stability. Researchers believe this is particularly important in improving the creative functionality of the brain, as higher levels of emotional intelligence (EQ) are positively correlated with an increased ability to problem solve.

5. Stronger Athletic Performance

It’s not surprising that sleep helps athletes perform better, since sleep is a time when the cells of the body can rest, rehydrate, and grow. A Stanford University provides strong evidence in support of this idea, demonstrating that athletes who got about 10 hours of sleep for 6 or more weeks showed corresponding increases in speed and stamina (ii).

6. Sharper Academic Skills
In 2010, the journal Sleep produced an alarming study that made parents, students, and teachers reevaluate the importance of rest. According to Health.com, the study showed evidence that children who suffered with sleep disorders not only lost sleep time, but also exhibited “significant functional impairment at school,” (iii). On the other hand, individuals who get a healthy nights rest are more likely to show improvements in memory, creativity, and physical performance, as noted in the studies above.

Learn More About Healthy Sleep Solutions

Concerned you aren’t getting enough sleep? Contact the Sleep Experts at Adjustabeds.com, the web’s largest collection of premium adjustable bed frames and luxury mattresses. Talk to our team about your sleep condition, needs, or preferences, and let us build you a customized sleep solution that will have you sleeping better, tonight!

Sources for this article include:
(i) http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20459221,00.html
(ii) http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20459221_6,00.html
(iii) http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20459221_7,00.html

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The Adjustabeds Advantage

The Adjustabeds AdvantageFinding the right bed shouldn’t be an arduous task, but it is. With so many types of mattresses and bed frames available of on the market today, finding the perfect one should not be a chore.

Adjustabeds.com is a great place to start when it comes to finding the best adjustable bed to fit your needs.

According to medical studies, sleeping in a slightly upright position improves blood circulation, breathing, and lessens snoring. It helps asthma and allergy sufferers breathe better. The inclined position also reduces the discomfort of diabetics and post-surgery recovery patients.

Certainly, individuals with medical conditions are not the only ones who can benefit from sleeping in an adjustable bed. Aside from evident health benefits, buying an adjustable bed transforms the bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary that performs multi-purposes. Invest in a technological marvel that is the adjustable bed, and fully automate your bedroom.

The Adjustabed.com Advantage

An adjustable bed is not a hospital bed. While they have similar benefits, the hospital beds are geared to recovery and medical benefits. Adjustable bed frames not only boasts health improvement but they also provide lifestyle perks, which make home living better. Beds available at Adjustabed.com include amazing features such as massagers with multiple settings, iPhone sync capability via wireless app, independent controls for both head and foot sections, and more!

Adjustabeds is the premier website for everything regarding adjustable beds. They carry all of the major adjustable bed frame brands at everyday low prices. They have an adjustable bed suited for everyone’s needs. Buy an adjustable bed and take advantage of the 90 day trial period with confidence. They grant full refunds for adjustable beds and mattresses, if customers are not satisfied with their product.

Have questions about their products and adjustable bed frames in general? Read up on the revolutionized sleeping methods in articles available on their website. Several articles cite the lifestyle and medical perks of sleeping in an adjustable bed. Articles also cover bedding and rooming tips to create a soothing and relaxing bedroom space.

Because of their experience with many customers needing adjustable beds for medical reasons, the company can offer help with health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and doctors.

Adjustabeds offer help with filing insurance. Adjustabeds also offer financing options with immediate credit decision.

Adjustable bed frames bought from the Adjustabeds website is protected with their In-Home Warranty Service. They stand behind their products, and offer maintenance service for their Sleep Systems.

Having trouble with the set-up of an adjustable bed? Adjustabed assures individuals of their free White Glove set-up service. Call their 24 hour sleep specialists, toll-free, for a free consultation.

Matching the Right Frame with a Mattress

Use the Adjustabed buying guide and select the best adjustable bed and mattress for your needs. Matching bed frames and mattresses has never been this easy. With the array of adjustable bed frame choices and mattresses, the possibility of finding the ideal bed is assured.

Tech-savvy? Try the Leggett and Platt Prodigy or the Reverie Deluxe. Simply download their respective apps on iTunes, then enjoy an all automated room experience. Plug-in your TV to the bed frame and enjoy the freedom and comfort of watching films in bed. Dock iPod and iPhone to your bed and enjoy music straight from bed.

Match your new adjustable bed with mattresses for sale on the Adjustabeds. Select from top of the line mattresses compatible with your Sleep System. Adjustabeds supplies a variety of latex, memory foam, and inner spring mattresses.

Adjustabeds is the one stop shop for all sleeping needs. Match pillows, linens, and comforters without having to leave home! With their free 5-10 day shipping guarantee, receive your entire sleep system all at once.

Buy an Adjustable Bed Today!

Take part of the sleep revolution! Claim a luxurious, restful, and best sleep ever by sleeping in a brand new adjustable bed frame. Take advantage of the 90-day trial. Order a new state-of-the-art adjustable bed Sleep system today!

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Hospital Beds for At-Home Use

Hospital Beds for At Home UseWalking inside hospitals, it’s easy to notice the number of hospital beds are adjustable beds used to facilitate patient recovery and healing. At hospitals where a number of procedures and care must be provided at all times, the need for hospital beds that could allow for a variety of positional changes is necessary. In addition to positional changes, the health benefits of adjustable beds are known to improve the quality of care given to patients and hasten recovery from a variety of procedures, including surgery.

Individuals with disabilities and patients recommended to at-home recovery can greatly benefit with installing hospital beds at home. Adjustable beds allow individuals to recover with the least amount of pressure on their joints and bodies. Because these beds are positioned to break at the midpoint of the body, individuals with limited mobility can get in and out quicker and safer than they would on a regular flat back mattress.

In addition to ease of access, sleeping in a hospital bed provides a variety of medical benefits that enables fast recovery and comfort at the same time. Most adjustable beds now come with Zero-Gravity settings that provide the least amount of gravitational pressure on the body. This inclined setting promotes blood circulation, moderating the swelling of the limbs. These hospital beds for home use also allows for better respiration during sleep. The lungs and diaphragm are not constricted allowing for a smoother breathing through an unobstructed airway. Hospital bed owners can enjoy undisturbed sleep necessary for faster recuperation.

Which one is the best hospital bed for the home?

Adjustabeds, the best adjustable bed provider in the market suggests three of their most beloved adjustable bed frames for at home use. Each bed frame is known for both their high quality and value. Individuals can definitely find one most suited for their needs.

#1: The Leggett and Platt S-Cape

With its luxurious standard features and reasonable price, the Leggett and Platt S-Cape is considered the #1 adjustable bed in the U.S.A. It is more than just a bed to sleep in. The S-Cape comes standard with full-body massage. Incorporated in the bed base, it uses wave technology to lull owners to their most comfortable state. Armed with a wireless remote, individuals can control the S-cape with precision in accordance to whatever their whims take them. The wallhugging technology developed by the engineers at Leggett and Platt simultaneously lifts up and glides back, drawing closer to the wall. Books and TV remotes on nightstand are within reach. Flat back sleepers can access this position with a simple touch of a button too!

#2: The Leggett and Platt Pro-Motion

The Leggett and Platt Pro-motion adjustable bed base is perfect for individuals who desire luxurious sleeping accommodations without superfluous features. This hospital bed for homes have a fully adjustable, independent moving head and foot sections. Users can find the most optimum position for reading, watching television, and surfing the net on a laptop. The Pro-Motion bed comes with the amazing zero-gravity position that provides the most comfortable sleep.

#3: The Reverie Deluxe Bed

The Reverie Deluxe offers great features for an affordable price. The Reverie Deluxe is a great starter adjustable bed. Reap the medical and lifestyle benefits of an adjustable bed at a lesser cost. Sync the Reverie Deluxe with home Apple products for a fully automated bedroom. The whisper-quiet motor can change the head and foot articulation smoothly, and it can support up to 400 lbs. Take advantage of the Reverie Deluxe massage capabilities for aching muscles and improved circulation. Sleep in relative comfort with Apple capabilities in this amazing machine.

Call Adjustabeds Customer Services for Additional Help

Are you shopping for a hospital bed to use in your home? Contact the Sleep Team at Adjustabeds.com for expert help and consultation. From adjustable bed frames to luxury memory foam, latex, or airbed mattresses, Adjustabeds is home to the high quality solutions you need to make a healthy and comfortable recovery. Call today, 1-877-535-1159.

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Automate Your Bedroom with the All-New Reverie® Deluxe

Automate Your Bedroom with the All New Reverie DeluxeHave you ever considered how much fun it would be to automate your bedroom? Wouldn’t it be great to control bedroom appliances while lying down? Adjustabeds.com now carries the all-new Reverie® Deluxe Bed which makes automation a real possibility. Reverie adjustable beds have always provided customers with a good night’s sleep. Now they also offer you a way to sync with your Apple™ devices* as well as plug-in and control appliances when you purchase a new Reverie Deluxe adjustable bed frame.

You will be amazed at how you can sync your Apple devices with one of the latest advances in technology- the all-new Reverie Deluxe adjustable bed frame. Download the app from iTunes and your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad becomes your bed’s wireless remote!

Imagine being able to adjust your fan setting when you are getting too chilly or too warm from fluctuating temperatures without having to get up and walk across the room. Or how nice would it be to turn off your lamp while relaxing in bed without having to reach over to do it? Now you can, because each Deluxe bed frame comes with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth technologies to enable wireless connectivity between the bed, connected appliances, and your favorite Apple device.

There are so many ways to use this feature that you will enjoy coming up with new functions. If you don’t have an Apple device, you will still find this bed an excellent choice. Reverie now offers a new wireless remote kit so that you can get the most out of your bed. It has a new backlit display which is easy to read in the dark. You can also program your 3 favorite positions into the remote.

Reverie Comfort: Massage, Zero Gravity, and Wall-Hugger Technologies

Of course Reverie adjustable beds are always comfortable. The Reverie Deluxe has been repeatedly rated Best Value because of its standard features. Reverie has thought of everything you need to get a top of the line sleep experience.

The 15-speed massage ensures that you will be able to relax your body after a long day and let the bed soothe your tired muscles. The Whisper Quiet Motor means you never have to worry about the Reverie Deluxe adjustable bed frame getting too noisy. You will love the presets that come with the bed. There are separate settings to put you in the best position for TV Watching as well as the exceptional Zero Gravity and Flat Position settings.

Zero Gravity is a unique position that enables you to feel virtually weightless. This setting is great to ease the pain that comes with health issues such as sciatica, hip pain, back pain and arthritis. You can stop snoring and reduce sleep apnea symptoms by setting the bed so that your upper body is raised 4 to 6”. If your partner snores, you will find this to be a lifesaver. Doctors recommend this position to keep your tongue from blocking your airway, which causes sleep apnea. Sleeping in this position also improves circulation which is helpful for people with Diabetes.

Reverie adjustable beds always add just the right amount of style to your bedroom. The Reverie Deluxe bed is a Wall-Hugger which means it sits flush with your wall. That makes it easy for you to reach your nightstand from an upright position and also gives your bedroom a modern appearance.

The Reverie Deluxe Adjustable Beds come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any customer. Sizes include Twin, Queen, and King. The beds are also available in Split-frame designs so that each sleeper can control their own sleep settings.
The all-new Reverie Deluxe Adjustable Bed is the perfect choice for both a great night sleep and the unique ability to automate your bedroom at the same time.

Learn More About the Reverie Deluxe

*The Reverie Deluxe Bed is compatible with the following Apple devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. For More information, please contact Adjustabeds Customer Service at 1-877-535-1159.

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8 Unconventional Sleep Tips You Have to Try

8 Unconventional Sleep Tips You Have To TryWe’ve all been there. We shower, brush our teeth, and slowly start to prepare ourselves for bedtime. We have a big day tomorrow, and we feel anxious to get to sleep. The last thing we want is to wake feeling tired, groggy, or anything less than 100%. Whether sleeping on an adjustable bed frame or a traditional flat-lying mattress, we can all relate to the anxiety that comes before bedtime.

The next time you feel stressed or anxious about the idea of falling asleep, refer to this list of sleep tips from our friends at the Sleep Options Blog!

1. Sleep on your back to prevent wrinkles.
The editorial team at the Adjustabeds News Blog is happy to hear this one! Most people are aware that sleeping on a pillow may often times leave sleep lines in the skin. For many, that means the delicate skin of the face and neck is continually creased each night, which may lead to decreased collagen and permanent wrinkles over time. But sleeping on your back does more than prevent wrinkles in the face. Sleeping on your back, particularly when elevated in a Zero Gravity Position, may improve blood flow and help the body naturally nourish the skin with oxygenated blood and nutrients throughout the night.

2. Smile before you go to sleep.
Sleep is a time of cognitive growth. While we sleep, our brain actively sorts through the day’s memories and newly learned skills. This processed is called “assimilation”, and it builds a framework so we may more easily recall the things we learn as we grow. According to recent studies, this process may also preserve unpleasant and negative emotions. Going to sleep angry may cause the body to retain feelings of negativity, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

3. Having trouble staying asleep? Drink some cherry juice!
The age-old adage that a warm glass of milk will put you to sleep is not true for everyone. Next time you have difficulty falling asleep, try drinking a class of pure cherry juice. Cherry juice is rich in melatonin, a hormone that is usually secreted by the Pineal gland to induce sleep naturally.

4. Skip the pre-bedtime bath.
Did you know: Our bodies naturally reduce our internal temperature to prepare us for sleep. Taking a warm bath or hot shower right before bedtime disrupts this process, and it may stimulate the body into a wakeful state. Instead, try to bathe at least 3 hours prior to bedtime to give your body plenty of time to cool back down.

5. Snuggle up!
A new study has shown that couples who cuddle in bed have an easier time falling and staying asleep. Cuddling a soft pillow, balled-up blanket, or stuffed animal inducing a calming sensation that has a similar effect.

6. Avoid sleeping pills.
Sleeping pills are to be taken only under the supervision of your health professional. Even then, treat sleeping pills as a last resort. Nighttime sleep aides may cause drowsiness in the morning, and individuals have been known to become dependent on them.

7. Tidy up!
It’s critical that your bedroom be your very own oasis, a tranquil place where you can retreat into peace and quiet. Scattered objects, dirty carpet, and disorganized clothing can ruin the ambience of the room and cause feelings of stress, tension, and uneasiness. Moreover, cleaning right before bedtime can stimulate blood flow and mental activity, both of which can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Proactively keep your bedroom clean to avoid losing sleep.

8. A watched pot never boils…
If you ever took a cooking class, you may have heard the instructor say “A watched pot never boils.” It’s a lesson in relativity, and it teaches us that an expected event may seem to take longer than it actually does. To fall asleep quickly, avoid staring at the clock and try to relax.

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