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Premium Adjustable Beds with Luxury Mattresses

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ErgoMotion Adjustable Bed Collection 2012
Pricing & Reviews
  • Ergomotion's Premium Adjustable
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Luxurious Massage Settings
  • 20 Year Warranty
Head Up
Foot Up
Wall Hugger
Starting at $1,599 $1,599

More About Ergomotion Adjustable Beds

The Ergomotion adjustable bed company is the creation of French entrepreneur Alain Clenet. Clenet immigrated to the United States in 1968 and began his professional business career in the automotive industry. In 2005, Clenet teamed with a colleague in the mattress industry to begin his fifth and final company, turning his business savvy skill set to the world of adjustable bed frames. Though young compared to competitors, the Ergomotion adjustable bed company has quickly established itself as a reputable manufacturer of high quality adjustable beds.

As a company, Ergomotion exhibits a forward-thinking business philosophy that truly embraces the ideals of "global business." The adjustable bed company manufactures products in China, sells them around the world, and uses a portion of the profits to fund non-profit organizations that feed African children. It's a small world, and the choice to purchase an Ergomotion adjustable bed positively impacts the lives of individuals on a global scale. offers two leading Ergomotion adjustable bed models. We offer the basic Ergosport bed for those seeking an affordable model with basic head section adjustability. The Ergosport is well-priced and reliable, providing only basic features that are ideal for individuals looking to make a small investment in an adjustable sleep solution. Those looking for premium features at a reasonable price will find the Ergobase to be a superb choice. The Ergobase is the "deluxe" version of the Ergosport that carries additional features like independent head/foot articulation, multi-setting massage, and a Zero Gravity Position that relieves the body from stress. is a great way to look at the adjustable frame options from a variety of perspectives. Visitors are welcomed to compare our bedding collection by price, size, style, and function. Like all of’s options the frame allows for adjustable elevation to make watching TV more comfortable, working in bed more convenient but there has also been much written on the health benefits of the adjustable frame. Snoring, obstructive sleep apnea and other medical conditions can be managed by the elevation of an adjustable bed. Adjustabed’s website allows an easy shopping comparison without scrambling to find a parking place.

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