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Premium Adjustable Beds with Luxury Mattresses

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Adjustable Bed Buying Guide
A Smart Decision in 5 Easy Steps!
What is an Adjustable Bed?

It is important to know that an adjustable bed refers to the "superstructure" or underlying support base for your sleep surface. Your mattress rests on the adjustable bed, just like it would on top of a foundation. Choosing which mattress to use on your adjustable bed is a different decision and purchase all together.

Composition : AdjustaBeds™ offers White Glove setup services for individuals who need assistance in setting up their Sleep Systems. This service is included free of charge on most Sleep Systems. Our highly trained sleep specialists are available 24 hours a day. Call now for a no-pressure consultation.

  • Steel frame - this is what gives the adjustable base it’s shape and contains all the other components. You should make sure your adjustable bed is fabricated with high gauge steel, supporting at the very minimum 400 lbs in weight.
  • Rollers - these allow an adjustable bed to be articulated (folded). They bend or move the three sections of the adjustable base to allow for different body positions. They can be made from wood, metal, or nylon. Nylon rollers are the best because they last the longest, produce very little friction, and are noise free.
  • Motor - the motor drives the rollers, and you should buy an adjustable base with motor components in sealed casings. Motors from reputable companies are maintenance free and should not wear out or degrade over time.
  • Remote - The remote operates the adjustable bed and can come wireless or wired.
  • Casters and wheels - these are the leg extensions and/or wheels of the adjustable bed, and allow it to be moved about your bedroom easily.

Appearance :
Adjustable bed manufacturers today understand the importance of an aesthetically pleasing product. Most, if not all, adjustable beds fit seamlessly with mattresses in all standard sizes and appear as a conventional mattress set. Adjustable bases are usually covered with a fabric to conceal the motor and flex points and look like a regular foundation. You should make sure the fabric has a non-skid top so the mattress will not slide easily when you move the adjustable base into different positions. Most adjustable beds have a profile between 8" and 11."

Which Mattress Can I Use on an Adjustable Base?

You may use any mattress that can be folded into different positions without incurring any damage. We highly recommend checking before purchasing a mattress should you plan on using it with an adjustable base.

Memory Foam Mattresses - most memory foam mattresses can be used with adjustable bases no problem. What you have to look out for is higher ILD foams that may be too rigid and resist bending or folding. We recommend the Select Foam Luxuria 10" and Olympus 13" memory foam mattresses.

Latex Foam Mattresses - like memory foam, most latex foam mattresses can be used with adjustable bases with excellent results. Check to make sure the foam is not too rigid (which can be found in foreign foam). We recommend the Select Foam The Natural latex mattress.

Air Beds - Airbeds can be tricky because many are not designed to bend in a way that properly distributes air through the bladder system. However, some can be used with great results, we recommend the Select Air P600 mattress.

Innerspring Mattresses - Most conventional coil mattresses are not designed for use with adjustable bases. They are unable to fold or bend in the positions the adjustable base goes. Very few innerspring mattresses can bend and be comfortable without damaging the mattress; the Restonic Innerspring 3000 is one of the few.

What Assembly or Maintenance is Required for my Adjustable Bed?

You should always ask before purchasing if the adjustable bed comes largely pre-assembled. You do not want to be involved in a complicated installation sequence; you want to enjoy your adjustable bed! Assembly should be relatively easy, typically taking about 10 minutes. Always read the manual but installation is usually a snap and goes something like this: remove the adjustable base from the box, slap on the caster wheels, plug it in, program the remotes, attach the front bumper, and throw the mattress on top. An average queen adjustable bed weighs 170 lbs and comes in a large box. Please make note that it may take 2 people to carry the box to your bedroom. Otherwise, contact the company your purchasing from and ask about white glove installation (professionals set it up in home for you).

There should be little to no maintenance for your adjustable base should you buy from a reputable manufacturer. Occasionally the front bumper may need to be repositioned and the batteries changed in the remote- but that’s about it!

What Features do Adjustable Beds Have?

Adjustable beds come in many forms - from basic head-only machines to having every bell and whistle you can think of. Different features are the cause for the range in prices of adjustable bases; we’re going to touch on the most common here:

Positions - Adjustable beds can come with Head-up only or Head and Foot adjustability. Head-up only has a one-point articulation (fold) and only allows the head of the mattress to raise or lower. Head and Foot adjustability articulates (folds) the mattresses in two places, effectively dividing the mattress into three sections: the head, middle, and foot. Head and Foot adjustable beds have the capability for the "zero gravity" position.

Weight Limit- Know your weight! Adjustable bases can be made with different gauges of steel to support different weight amounts. The minimum weight limit recommended for adjustable bases is 400 lbs. Be wary of low gauges of steel as they can lead to the bending or the distortion of a frame (mostly seen in foreign manufacturers).

Motor Type - Adjustable bases usually come with AC or DC motors. DC motors are used in most modern models, as they are quieter and a bit more powerful.

Massage - Many adjustable bases come with a massage feature offering a relaxing, spa-like sleep experience. Massage features can be found accessing just the head or both the head and foot of an adjustable bed. Some massage features include wave functions (massage vibrations move up and down the mattress in different rhythms) and different intensities. Massage features also differentiate through the number of settings present, whether it has a timer, and their noise level.

Wall-Hugging - Adjustable bases can be wall hugging, which means they are flush against the wall the set is placed next to. This feature helps saves space as well as gives the bedroom that nice conventional look.

Remote - Adjustable beds can have a wired or wireless remote. It is really just a matter of preference, as some people don’t want to have to worry about misplacing it; much like you would a television remote.

Be Mindful of the Warranty.

Adjustable beds are a large purchase and you most likely will use it for a long time. Warranties vary from one manufacturer to the next, but it should be a good 10 or 20 years. A good adjustable bed warranty will cover the motor as well as the frame, and include the parts and labor required to repair the adjustable bed. Most problems with adjustable beds will happen in the first 3-6 months of ownership so make sure the warranty has at least one year of full service. All of the adjustable beds offered at follow these warranty guidelines in the hopes of helping you feel safe with your purchase. Please browse our adjustable bed collection.

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