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Premium Adjustable Beds with Luxury Mattresses

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Benefits of Adjustable Beds

There are two basic types of benefits inherent to adjustable beds: Lifestyle Advantages & Medical Benefits.

The thing we learned from past customers is that people who bought their adjustable base for medical reasons were pleasantly surprised by how much they came to enjoy the lifestyle benefits. On the flip side, those that purchased for lifestyle reasons came to realize that they were benefiting from the medical qualities afforded by and adjustable base.

Lifestyle Benefits

  • Raising the head of the bed makes watching television, reading, and eating in bed much easier. Movie night in bed is easier than ever before, and you don’t have to deal with moving from the couch to your bedroom in the middle of the night. Our Prodigy adjustable bed even has a timer you can set to lower you from a “TV watching position” to a "flat sleep position".
  • Luxurious Massage is a great way to ease tension and anxiety after a long day, and can help lull you to sleep. It has been described as having a “bedtime story”-like effect for grown-ups.
  • The Zero-Gravity position, which can be found with a one-button feature on most of our deluxe beds, puts your body in a position of least resistance from gravity.
  • Good for the Heart Raising the legs of the bed slightly allows your heart to work less difficultly, thereby promoting sleep.
  • Eliminate Snoring Raising the head of the bed slightly (5-10 degrees) will decrease and even eliminate snoring.
  • "First thing in the morning work." Let’s face it, in today’s hectic technological world, many of us wake up every day morning knowing that there are going to be a few things – emails, phone calls, memos-that need to be addressed first thing. Some adjustable bed owners report knocking out those "must-do" tasks without leaving their bed. This allows them to take their time preparing for the day with fewer worries and less urgency.



Medical Benefits

  • Makes Getting Out of Bed Easy. With nothing to hold on to, a flat mattress can be very difficult for the elderly and injured to get out of bed. Raising the Head of the Bed makes it easy to get on your feet or transition to a wheelchair.
  • Lower Back Pain Relief The ability to adjust positions can help reduce back pain, by redistributing pressure across different parts of the body. In addition if you sit up straight in the bed and then lower it, you get a stretch in those hard to target spinal muscles.
  • Arthritis Relief an Adjustable Bed can provide relief for those suffering from arthritis.
  • Relax Sore Muscles Raise or lower the bed to relax the muscles and take pressure off of troublesome areas and joints.
  • Improved Blood Flow The massage feature and adjustability promotes healthy blood flow.
  • Raising the bed slightly can eliminate snoring and be easy on sinuses.
  • GERD- otherwise known as "Heartburn," is caused when stomach acid enters the esophagus.
  • Diabetes Relief Diabetes is a disease that often effects circulation to the limbs and legs especially. No adjustable base is going to cure this disease-what we can empirically say is that with the blood circulation you get with an adjustable base, it can improve circulation needed to promote the circulation and healing to a part of your body that needs all the assistance they can get.
  • Asthma and Breathing Relief By taking the stress off of the lungs, you can breather easier. This can be good for those with decreased lung capacity and even individuals suffering minor asthmatic episodes. Sleep Apnea sufferers have also reported longer, undisturbed sleeping periods when using an adjustable bed.
  • Swelling and Edema Raising the Legs above your heart can assist with edema-the building up of fluid in the body.