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Premium Adjustable Beds with Luxury Mattresses

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Shopping: Sleeping is critical for health and well being. So where and how you sleep is equally important. It used to be there was little to decide in terms of traditional sleeping choices. It was an innerspring or coil mattress and box springs. The choices were largely made on size: Twin and Full were once the leading options, King and Queen jumped quickly to favor both for the extra width but also the extra length.

Choices: Now there is a myriad of choices as to how you sleep. If you are shopping for a new bed or an additional bed for a guest room or den, you may find all the choices a bit overwhelming. Consider a location like that offers a wide range of mattresses and frames choices. This allows you to compare beds side by side to understand the best choice for you.

Style: This is the style of the frame and the material of the mattress. Many of these choices will be made based upon whether you have any health conditions or sleeping requirements that are best served by one type of mattress over another.

The bed can be innerspring but more often than not the contemporary shopper is considering a range of options from memory foam, to air or water options.

Support: The frame options are equally varied. Platform beds that were once the domain of waterbeds, have been updated and modernized to allow for more options than just a waterbed; memory foam, air and even the traditional innerspring can be set on the platform. Some sleep experts recommend the platform style for back support, others suggest for back and other pain a memory foam mattress combined with the flexibility of an adjustable bed frame is the better choice as it can help with more than one medical condition, or for those looking to work or watch TV in bed.

Comfort: Do you want the bed frame to be split so that each sleeper has options for maintaining comfort control? In a split adjustable frame the king and queen options provide separate mattress areas, which can be a great choice if there are substantial size differences in sleep partners, or if the sleeping needs are significantly different.

Recommendation: offers a range of brand names, frame styles and adjustable frame choices. This allows you to look at the specs side by side and make an informed choice.